DEEP GIRL’s Non Announces Withdrawal


DEEP GIRL member Non has announced that she will be leaving the group.

According to her announcement on Twitter, it seems like she has been worried about her situation for a while. A lot of changes have occurred during the past year and she felt out of place, notably with her new manager with whom she was unable to form a relationship with.

According to her Twitter profile, the graduation was immediate and she now lists herself as an ex.DEEPGIRL and also mentions that she is open to work requests through DM.

This move comes shortly after the graduation announcement of Mashilo.

A quick translation of the announcement can be seen at the DEEP GIRL Facebook group.

DEEP GIRL started out as a group of 8 members, and now we only have 2: Rikopin and Kanon.

It’s an unfortunate turn of events, and one that seems to signal a dark future for the group as they seem to have lost both the most popular member of their group and their screamer. Something seems to be very clear though: new management seems to be at blame.

Personally, it seems like we might be seeing the end of the group. There’s no mention of it and both Mashilo and Non have mentioned that the group will continue, but unless we get an audition or a single announcement (which hasn’t happened in a year) it seems like the fate of the group is pretty clear.

Hopefully we get to see Rikopin and Kanon in some other groups since they are quite talented. Unfortunately, having them in a group that makes them cover foreign punk band songs and perform the same 3 songs is not the best way to use their talents.

Best of luck Non, we wish you the best!