Morning Musume ’17 “Morning Miso Shiru” MV Released

Morning Musume Miso Marukome

Morning Musume ’17 have released the MV for their track Morning Miso Shiru.

Part of their tie in with Marukome, the track was done to promote the line of miso soup featuring Morning Musume members. The song is a version of the group’s popular song Morning Coffee but instead it features lyrics about miso (hence the name Morning Miso Soup).

Full details about the tie in can be seen on our Facebook post, and more information about the miso soup tie in can be found at the special Marukome site that was set up (linked below the video).

If you have heard Morning Coffee you are most likely already familiar with the song. However, it’s a nice way to hear a classic with the new lineup while enjoying fun scenes such as the welcome for Kaede and Reina and scenes of Masaki being Masaki as the group camp together.

Make sure to check it out, and if you are in Japan make sure to grab some of the Momusu branded miso soup that was released!