Nogizaka AKB “Mazariau Mono” MV Released

Nogizaka AKB Mazariau Mono MV

The MV for Nogizaka AKB’s Mazariau Mono has been released.

This song is part of the Type E versions of AKB48’s Kimi wa Melody releasing March 9th.

Currently this video is among the highest viewed out of the group that were released today and for good reason since it has a soft electronic sound coupled with some interesting choices in dance.

While the rest of the MVs featured an upbeat or catchy dance we instead get to see the members sticking their fingers in between each others lips as well as in their ears and making a hole in snow.

Despite the surreal type of dance, the song itself is solid with a nice beat that is relaxing. Coupled with the beat the ballad vocals are a nice partner for the EDM and it results in a perfect song for the single.

Ignoring the OK GO-esque dance, this is a solid song and well worth checking out if you’d love to hear a comforting electronic ballad.

AKB48 Kimi wa Melody
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