Kobushi Factory’s Fujii Rio Announces Graduation

Kobushi Factory Fujii Rio

Kobushi Factory member Fujii Rio has announced her graduation from Kobushi Factory and Hello! Project.

According to Rio’s graduation announcement, after entering high school she thought more about her future and how she had always wanted to be a teacher or nurse. She had always wanted to accomplish that dream, even before becoming a Hello! Pro Kenshuusei.

After thinking about balancing the activities between her studies and Kobushi Factory, she ultimately decided to devote herself to studying.

She will graduate at the end of Hello! Project’s Summer concert tour. She choose this date since this is when a new school semester starts and summer vacation ends.

Studying for the future is always a high priority for idols, and ultimately many decide to leave their groups in order to focus on accomplishing their dreams.

Thankfully, she seems to have some goal in mind (either teacher or nurse, which is close enough) so that’s great news. Best of luck Fujii Rio!

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