Happy Kuru Kuru “Kuru Kuru Fantasy” MV Released

Happy Kuru Kuru

Happy Kuru Kuru have released their 1st MV for the track titled Kuru Kuru Fantasy.

First off, yes the sound is similar to BPM15Q/CY8ER and that’s a great thing. The Yume Kawaii genre appears to only have a handful of idol groups, so having a new addition is always welcome. That being said, the song is incredible, making for a fun and upbeat release packed full of flutes and EDM beats.

Visually it’s a surprisingly well made MV that shows off shots of them walking through the streets, dancing on a stage, and more. The scenes all look colorful and combined with the upbeat music it seems like they are both set to make some waves in the idol world.

Unfortunately a single has not been announced yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this track being released in some way soon. For now, make sure to check out this interesting MV!

Kuru Kuru Fantasy
Happy Kuru Kuru

Happy Kuru Kuru