Shuukan Idol – Giant Peach Edition

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a rather calm week with only a handful of highlights. This includes MVs from Chu-Z, EMPiRE, and BiS, a new lineup for LADYBABY, and even some new single announcements. Enjoy that and more in our 6 highlights of the week!


> LADYBABY returns with a new lineup

LADYBABY has been through a lot. LADYBEARD left. Kuromiya Rei left. But, thankfully the only remaining member Kaneko Rie has recruited 3 new members. It’s an exciting time to be a LADYBABY fan! Check out some pictures of the new members and their names above!

> Chu-Z go back to school in their MV for Gonna be alright!

As long as there is idol music there will always be incredibly upbeat idol songs. Thankfully Chu-Z are kicking off the year with what can only be described as the smiliest MV ever. Add some random juggling, guitar playing, and a lot of seifukus and you’ll have a good idea what to expect. Watch it!

> =LOVE announce their 3rd single

=LOVE’s latest MV was a song about Christmas. So yeah, it’s been a long time since their last single. Thankfully that’s about to change with a release of a new single.

> NMB48 announce their 18th single

Another new single release and this time we have some new NMB48 music to enjoy. There are next to no details but we do get to see who will be in this single’s senbatsu and it’s a treat. Check out the full member list above!

> EMPIRE get attacked by a giant peach in Buttocks beat! beat!

Do you want to watch the most Japanese thing ever? You’re in luck, just click above and you’ll be enjoying the finest in WACK entertainment. Trust me, it’s the single best thing you will do this week.

> BiS glitch out in the MV for WHOLE LOTTA LOVE

The latest BiS MV is packed full of dark backgrounds and glitches, making for a fun release. Keep in mind this is the first BiS MV without Pour Lui. Oh boy, it’s going to get some time to get used to that. Check it out above!


This week we have Hachimitsu Rocket. Their 1st single titled Hachimitsu Rocket ~Kogane no Nanari~ will be released on March 7th.

I’m in an upbeat kind of mood so why not listen to some more upbeat music? Enter Hachimitsu Rocket with their 1st single packed full of fun beats for everyone to enjoy.

This MV is packed full of golden outfits and scenes of the members as they make a rocket. Spoiler warning: we never see the rocket go in the air. But, we do get a pretty adorable picture of the group holding it.

Make sure to check out this fun and relaxing release below!

Hachimitsu Rocket ~Kogane no Nanari~
Hachimitsu Rocket

Pretend your cursor or finger is a bottle rocket and send it soaring over to that link below to help support them:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!