NGT48 “Max Toki 315 Gou” MV Released

NGT48 Max Toki 315 Gou MV

The MV for NGT48’s Max Toki 315 Gou has been released.

Forming part of the Type D version of AKB48’s Kimi wa Melody, this single is somewhat of a relief for those who love the Winter season.

While we don’t advocate running in icy roads in seifukus, we do love the fact that the mix of electronic with folk instruments results in an amazing backdrop for the song.

It seems like the song is their debut and it seems like a solid one, with a soft Winter beat to accompany the members as they show off the beauty of the town.

They might be known for their McDonalds tie in (Nugget48), but this song is solid evidence that they are a nice entry in the 48 family.

Well worth a look for the Winter lovers!

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