predia bare it all in the MV for “NAKED”

predia naked

predia bare it all in the MV for their 9th single titled NAKED.

Out June 12th, the single will be released in 3 editions: Type A, B, and C.

predia are known for being a bit more mature with their releases, calling themselves “adult idols”. Naturally, an idol group that goes for a more mature sound is going to try out some mature themes, and it seems like we’re getting an intimate and close-up look at the predia members as they pose in lingerie.

Those who are familiar with the group might be aware that Akane is the center for the single and thankfully she does get a variety of lines in NAKED where she shows off her talented voice. However, we also get to enjoy a variety of lines from all the other members as we listen to the beat of the song as it shows off a primarily electronic sound with a modern/hip hop touch.

It’s an incredibly catchy song, and thankfully the visuals do their part to keep our attention. The scenes of the members taking off their clothes to reveal their lingerie is artfully done, with the scenes giving just enough of a touch to get the point across without crossing into “whoa, I have to watch this MV in incognito mode” territory.

It’s a delightfully made MV and one that shows off the adult appeal of predia. Make sure to check out the MV below and grab a copy of their single below to enjoy this amazing song on the go!


predia naked cover type a
Type A

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predia naked cover type b
Type B

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predia naked cover type c
Type C

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