sora tob sakana Sing Along To A Drawn Story In The MV For “Alphard”

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sora tob sakana sing along to a drawn story in the MV for their digital single titled Alphard.

Out now, the single was released on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital platforms.

sora tob sakana recently released a digital single and while many enjoyed the song it seemed like something was missing: an MV. Thankfully that’s changing since they have released an MV for Alphard which is packed to the brim with ballad vocals and an interesting story told through drawings.

Fair warning, the story is a tad hard to follow at times but the drawings are beautiful, each with care and thought put into them. But, one thing that stands out is that the drawings go well with the music which is simply delightful. The beat is slow and has a tone that matches the story well, with the vocals adding just the right amount of feeling.

The song doesn’t appear to be available in the US for now, but check out the link below and see if you’re in the lucky areas who get to enjoy this single. If not, then enjoy the MV below!

Also, they are about to release their 1st major full album titled World Fragment Tour, so if you enjoy the song make sure to pre-order that album!

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