sora tob sakana put on a play in the middle of the forest for their “Sasayakana Shukusai” MV

sora tob sakana sasayakana shukusai

sora tob sakana put on a play in the middle of the forest in the MV for their 2nd single titled Sasayakana Shukusai.

Out July 24th, the single will be released in 2 editions: Artist version and Anime version.

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sora tob sakana “Mahou no Kotoba” MV Released

sora tob sakana Mahou no Kotoba MV

The MV for sora tob sakana‘s Mahou no Kotoba has been released.

Out February 16 and part of their 2nd single with the same name, this single is certainly an interesting one since we get to see the members dancing in a white dress in the cold rainy streets of Shibuya.

Regardless of the temperature, the song itself is catchy and has a nice calm beat to it that is sure to have you dreaming of rainy days. There isn’t much of a big beat to the song, but it is relaxing and I’m happy to see that the visuals they used in the video match the song well.

Well worth a look to get you relaxed with some nice idol beats from this up and coming group!

sora tob sakan “Mahou no Kotoba” CDJapan


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