sora tob sakana “Natsu no Tobira” MV Released

sora tob sakana 2016

sora tob sakana have released the MV for a track from their upcoming 1st album titled Natsu no Tobira.

Out since July 26th, the album includes 14 tracks.

Featuring scenes of sora tob sakana as they make their way around the country side, it’s a simple but fun MV with ballad vocals. Pianos, drums, and some light guitars play as we get to enjoy scenes of the members while they play and run around the plants.

It won’t win MV of the year, but it’s a surprisingly solid and minimalist video that gets you into the song rather quickl so make sure to check it out.

If you haven’t done so already make sure to pick up a copy of the album since it seems like a must have for fans of this talented idol group!

sora-tob-sakana Album



  1. Umi ni Matsuwaru Kotoba
  2. Natsu no Tobira
  3. Koukoku no Machi
  4. Yozora no Zenbu
  5. Mahou no Kotoba
  6. MAbushii
  7. My notes
  8. Summer Plan
  9. Kaerimichi no Wonder
  10. Oyasumi
  11. Moon Swimming Weekender
  12. Atarashii Asa
  13. Kesaran Pasaran
  14. Crouching Start

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