sora tob sakana step into a dream world in the MV For “knock!knock!”

sora tob sakana world fragment tour

sora tob sakana step into a dream world in the MV for knock!knock!

Out March 13th, the track is part of their 1st album titled World Fragment Tour.

Who’s ready for some sora tob sakana? This group has been actively releasing their music for some time now, but surprisingly we haven’t had an album release at all … until now. To celebrate this special release, they’re releasing an MV that is sure to please fans all over thanks in part to its unique use of effects.

Kicking us off, the song is a pretty dreamy combination of sounds. There are soft electronic beats that are mixed in with a slight Indian feel during the chorus. It’s a delightful mix of sounds, and one that goes perfectly with the scenes we get to see throughout the MV of the members staring at the sky at weird apparitions.

There are giant whales floating in the sky, giant alien ships, and even a tree. Naturally, sora tob sakana members do what a normal person would do and they just stare at them. They’re pretty well made scenes, but if you prefer something a bit more normal you’ll be happy to see that the dance shot is just a dark room with with door frames.

It’s a dreamy MV that will leave you wanting more, so make sure to check it out and grab a copy of their album to show your support!

sora tob sakana

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sora tob sakana OHP


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