Takekoshi Kurumi from Devil ANTHEM. sings in a digital world for her “Say Good Bye” MV

takekoshi kurumi devil anthem say good bye

Takekoshi Kurumi from Devil ANTHEM. sings in a digital world in the MV for her digital single titled Say Good Bye.

Out now, the single is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music.

Devil ANTHEM. is a pretty awesome group in the digital idol world, thanks to their delightfully catchy music and fun members. Well, some might not be aware that one of the members, Takekoshi Kurumi, currently has a solo career going on and she has released her latest MV for fans everywhere to enjoy.

Kurumi’s music can be best summed up like this: Devil ANTHEM dips their toes into EDM, while Kurumi jumps in completely. Take the song Say Good Bye for example, it’s packed full of electronic beats and a variety of vocals that is sure to make you want to dance. It’s on the harder side compared to the adorable sound that we’re used to from her group, but it’s still an amazing song to enjoy.

Visually we don’t get much to enjoy, with it being more of a music equalizer background with Kurumi dancing in front. You could actually use this as a screensaver and no one would question you. She’s cute and all, but if you’re trying to play the MV at a lower resolution the video might start to pixelate when the lines get a little bit too excited.

So, is this single going to be the best EDM idol release ever? Not quite, but Kurumi is a talented singer and this is a nice way for her to get some extra spotlight for her singing career and also to Devil ANTHEM. Grab a copy of that single to show your support!

Say Good Bye
Takekoshi Kurumi from Devil ANTHEM.

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