DESURABBITS sing in a grim classroom in the MV for “Sotsugyou Shoujo -Mirai e-“

desurabbits sotsugyou shoujo cover

DESURABBITS sing in a grim classroom in the MV for their 9th single titled Sotsugyou Shoujo – Mirai e -.

Out March 20th, the single will be a double a-side release alongside Demo, Nigen na.

Remember DESURABBITS? Many might have forgotten about this trip of adorable death pop idols since it has been a year since their last release. But, fear not! They’re still around and kicking, with their newly announced single being a promising return to the fantastical world of DESURABBITS.

So, first off Sotsugyou Shoujo – Mirai e – is packed full of metalcore with some idol vocals thrown in for good measure. Not enough for you? There’s also a rapping segment weirdly placed in there courtesy of Bucho. It’s a surprisingly good song, the rapping segment is a bit forced in but it shows off that it’s not only the members who matured, but also their sound.

A mature song deserves a worthy MV and thankfully that’s what we get here. From the scenes of the members in a classroom with four desks, to the dark scenes of the members dancing in seifuku, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Sure, the typical white set at the bottom is a bit bland when compared to the rest of the MV, but you have to hand it to them, it’s a pretty solid MV for a group who hasn’t been around for a year.

If you’re in the area make sure to check out their one-man performance on March 23rd, which is sure to be a welcome return to stage from this group. For now, enjoy the MV below and grab a copy of that single to show your support!

Sotsugyou Shoujo – Mirai e –

desurabbits sotsugyou shoujo cover