GIRLFRIEND play instruments in a colorful room for their “Heroine ni Naritai” MV

girlfriend heroine ni naritai

GIRLFRIEND play instruments in a colorful room in the MV for Heroine ni Naritai.

Out now, the single is available in 2 editions: Limited (CD+DVD) and Regular.

Are you in the mood for an MV from the girls over at GIRLFRIEND? It’s an MV that’s been around for a while now, being released last week (as always, I’m on time), but this group is pretty talented to giving them some attention is always welcome.

So, what do we get to see in this MV? A variety of scenes of the members playing their instruments as they sing along to a song packed full of ballad vocals to an upbeat pop sound. It’s a pretty nice song, showing off the abilities of the members, with each scene having a nice mix of colors and lighting.

Yes, the aspect ratio is a bit on the weird side, but seeing the members sing together as a group is a pretty welcome scene that fans are sure to appreciate. Not too familiar with the group? Well, this is a pretty nice place to start.

Enjoy the MV below and grab a copy of that single to show your support!

Heroine ni Naritai

girlfriend heroine ni naritai cover limited


girlfriend heroine ni naritai cover regular