BILLIE IDLE who? BULLY IDOL sing on a TV show for their “Soshite, Mata.. (Remix)” MV

billie idle soshite mata

BULLY IDOL go on a TV show in the MV for Soshite, Mata .. (Remix).

Out February 6th, the track is part of BILLIE IDLE’s latest single which will be released for 500 yen.

Remember when BILLIE IDLE showed off the MV for their song Soshite, Mata .. and a variety of WACK members showed up at the end? Well, now we know why.

It seems like WACK are using the pronunciation of their name (Biri Idoru) to make a new remix unit called BULLY IDOL (Buri Idoru) to cover their latest single and the result is pretty much what you can expect.

AiNA the END, Ayuni D, Kamiya Saki, and other WACK members I don’t immediately recognize all perform the song with passion. It’s exactly the same as the main MV, with just the vocals and the performers changes, which makes for a rather pleasant release.

If you’re a passionate BILLIE IDLE and WACK fan you can probably just put these two MVs and loop them for all eternity since the end of this MV shows off the real BILLIE IDLE being introduced by the announcer.

I won’t judge you, do what you have to do.

Enjoy the MV below and grab a copy of that single if you haven’t already!

Soshite, Mata ..

billie idle soshite mata cover