sora tob sakana Play With Shapes In The Chill MV For “Hakken”

sora tob sakana new stranger

sora tob sakana play with shapes in the MV for their track titled Hakken.

Out July 25th, the track is part of their latest single titled New Stranger.

Need some chill idol music in your life? Well you’re in luck because sora tob sakana  recently released the MV for the coupling track of their latest single.

Taking place in a world full of shapes and delightful colors, we get to listen to the relaxing song as shapes fly by. The shapes change rapidly, making for a delightful addition that might be a bit on the simple side but manages to grab our attention with its visuals.

It’s simple and just what we all need to take some time and disconnect from the world. Enjoy the MV below!

If you haven’t already, check out the MV for the main track titled New Stranger here.

sora tob sakana

sora tob sakana new stranger cover limited


sora tob sakana new stranger cover regular


sora tob sakana OHP