Meet HOLY SHiTS, WACK’s Newest Shuffle Group

holy shits wack idol

HOLY SHiTS, a new shuffle group from WACK, has been formed.

WACK is back with another uniquely titled group to delight fans and flag idol fan sites for mature content.

What does Watanabe have up his sleeve today? HOLY SHiTS, of course.

holy shits logo idol

This unique group is made up of the following members:

  • BiSH – Cent Chihiro Chicchi
  • GANG PARADE – Kyan GP Maika
  • BiS – Peri Ubu, Marupanako, Toriaez Hana

This 6 member group will be the 2nd shuffle group from WACK (after SAiNT SEX) and will be performing at Tokyo Idol Festival on August 4th.

So, with a name like HOLY SHiTS what kind of music can we expect to listen to? A fairly impressive song that has a lightweight and fun sound with some pretty hilarious lyrics. However, the true gold is in the MV.

In it we get to see the members dancing in a room that slowly fills up with flies as well as them singing with their heads in toilet covers. But, we also get a shot of them eating a piece of … that … on a plate which makes for a fairly entertaining return to WACK’s roots of being non-idols.

It’s a delightful reminder of what WACK is capable of, so make sure to enjoy it below!


Did you love that? Well, you’re in luck because you can download the song for free below. The link to download is also available in the video description above if you want to click some more:

HOLY SHiTS / WACK is SHiT Download