sora tob sakana Confuse And Delight Me In The MV For “New Stranger”

sora tob sakana new stranger

sora tob sakana confuse and delight me in the MV for their 1st major single titled New Stranger.

Out July 25th, the single will be released in Limited and Regular editions.

The single will also serve as the theme song for the anime High Score Girl.

sora tob sakana are celebrating a major debut single with what can only be described as one of the most interesting idol songs this year. Combining a progressive sound with idol music, the result ends up combining a variety of interesting beats into a well made track. It’s confusing at times but a few listens make this track a delight.

How are the visuals though? It’s on the relaxing side, with members playing video games in a room, walking down a lonely path, sitting in a classroom, and more. Add in a few scenes of a couple of kids having a great time and some flashing light filters and you have yourself a truly stellar release.

This is a great debut single from sora tob sakana and one that is worth checking out. Make sure to do that below and grab a single to show your support!

New Stranger
sora tob sakana

sora tob sakana new stranger cover limited


sora tob sakana new stranger cover regular


sora tob sakana OHP