Shuukan Idol – Summer Soda Edition

aina the end riding bear

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get a handful of MVs from sora tob sakana, SKE48, Niji no Conquistador, Yumemiru Adolescence and more. There’s also a surprising mass graduation from Candye Syrup and details for the latest Perfume and Kobushi Factory single in our 7 highlights of the week!


> sora tob sakana confuse and delight me in the MV for New Stranger

Are you into confusingly awesome idol rock music? That’s a very specific thing to like, but sora tob sakana have just the right song for you. It’s a simple release in terms of visuals but the song manages to give us a rather impressive display of what sora tob sakana are capable of.

> Niji no Conquistador shake their way into summer in the MV for Zutto Summer de Koishiteru

As the saying goes, it’s not truly summer until Nemoto Nagi wears a bikini in a Niji no Conquistador MV. Well, the time has come. Nijicon are back to delight wota with their yearly summer release packed full of scenes of the members in a pool, dancing in bikinis, and even more fan service. Oh yeah, the song is good too. Pretty good actually.

> Yumemiru Adolescence enjoy summer love in the MV for Melon Soda

Sometimes younger members get ignored while other members get their share in the limelight. Thankfully, Yumeado have done the complete opposite and have focused their latest release on their youngest member Yamashita Saya. Add a summer love story, neon green soda, and shots of the members dancing and you have a solid release from this group.

> SKE48 play with cutouts in Kimi wa Ramune, go into space for Otona no Sekai, wear red gloves for Dareka no Mimi, and dance in space for Parting shot

SKE48 are about to release a new single and thankfully the MVs for the coupling tracks are out. There’s something here for everyone, from simple ballads to epic songs taking place in space, so make sure to enjoy all of them above!

> Every Candye♡Syrup member is graduating, new auditions announced

Life is wonderful, but sometimes it sucks. The latest reminder that this is true is the recent announcement that every Candye♡Syrup member is going to leave the group soon. The good news? The group is not over and will continue with new members, so hey, that’s something. Best of luck Candye♡Syrup members, we barely knew you.

> BiSH go full Star Wars in the MV for NON TiE-UP

BiSH are as edgy as a Hot Topic shirt nowadays, but that’s not stopping them from releasing unique singles. Their latest one is described as a GUERiLLA single, appearing on shelves of Tower Records with no previous announcement. An MV soon followed and the result is a song of epic proportions with a ton of CGI for a Star Wars-esque release.

> Tsubaki Factory dance in a white room for Junjou cm (Centimeter)

Tsubaki Factory have been riding the wave of success with their singles, and their latest MV is promising to be one of their best. In it we get to see the group in our favorite idol location: empty white room. There they sing to an upbeat ballad that is among the best to come out of Hello! Project in a while. Highly recommended!

Notable mentions:


This week we have Sanmini and their live MV for Dream.

As you might know, Sanmini parted ways on July 1st of 2017. Now a year later on the anniversary of their disbandment a new MV was uploaded to their channel which shows off some scenes of their final performance as a group.

It’s a touching video that shows off the groups as they dance along to a slow, emotional ballad. Hate ballads? You’re in luck because there’s some confusing transitions into an electronic song complete with rapping lines. Alright, it’s a confusing song but some parts are nice.

The visuals are the true focus of the release and in it we get to see the members dancing on stage and saying hello to the camera. The scenes of the members crying are the highlight, with the last lines of the song being a true kick to the wota heart.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.


If you’d like to relive the memories of this group, grab a copy of their releases below:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!