Yumemiru Adolescence Enjoy Summer Love In The MV For “Melon Soda”

yumemiru adolescence melon soda

Yumemiru Adolescence enjoy summer love in the MV for their 12th single titled Melon Soda.

Out July 25th, the single will be released in Limited and Regular editions.

Younger members tend to be overshadowed by their senpais often when they join a group. Fortunately, Yumemiru Adolescence have decided to showcase one of their newest members, Yamashita Saya, in their latest MV.

In it we get to see Saya as she yells with a smile at a sea, which gets the attention of a guy riding a bicycle. Soon the slightly awkward intro blossoms into a summer love that we get to enjoy throughout the MV. Add in scenes of the members wearing green while they enjoy some Mountain Dew and you have yourself an impressive release.

The song is adorable, with a guitar led instrumental that complements the sweet lyrics well. At times it might be a bit into the “too simple” side of things, but the scenes of the members dancing quickly helps set the tone right.

It’s a simple but perfect summer release that is sure to delight fans who haven’t gotten a chance to experience Yamashita Saya’s charm. That being said, grab your melon soda / Ecto Cooler / Mountain Dew and enjoy this sweet summer tale below!

Melon Soda
Yumemiru Adolescence

yumemiru adolescence melon soda cover limited


yumemiru adolescence melon soda cover regular


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