sora tob sakana Dance In Light For Their “Lightpool” MV

sora tob sakana alight ep

sora tob sakana dance in light for the MV of their track titled Lightpool.

Out May 16th, the track is part of their major debut mini album titled alight ep.

If you’re a fan of projectors you’ll be glad to see that this release is packed full of them. In fact, each second of this release has some kind of light which makes for some impressive visuals for their major debut release. It does get a tad distracting after some time, but overall it fits the theme of the song fairly well.

Speaking of that song, it has a soft and calm sound with some strong vocals. Their releases tend to be on the dreamier side which is good to hear since they are keeping their unique sound intact for their major debut. Make sure to check out this MV and grab a copy of their debut mini album to help show your support!

sora tob sakana

sora tob sakana alight ep cover



  1. Lightpool
  2. Eikakuna Nichijou
  3. Himitsu
  4. Brand New Blue
  5. Shinkirou no Kuni
  6. Lighthouse

sora tob sakana OHP