sora tob sakana “ribbon” MV Released

sora tob sakana

sora tob sakana have released the MV for their track titled ribbon.

Out April 11th, the track is part of their mini album titled cocoon ep.

Not many groups try out animated MVs, but thankfully sora tob sakana decided to abandon the close-up and dance shots. Instead, we get an animated story of a rabbit as the members sing a passionate ballad.

While the song might be a bit on the calm side, it’s the visuals that make the MV so memorable. It’s packed full of well drawn scenes and it also features various dreamy settings that help make the song even better.

It’s a well made MV and one that is worth checking out for yourself below!

sora tob sakana cocoon



  1. ribbon
  2. Time Machine ni Sayonara
  3. Yume no Tozoku
  4. tokyo sinewave
  5. Tomeina Kaibutsu
  6. Yakan Hiko

sora tob sakana OHP