HKT48’s Kodama Haruka announces her graduation, will join Avex as an actress

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Photo credit: Nikkan Sports

HKT48 member Kodama Haruka has announced that she will be graduating from the group.

In her graduation announcement, she comments on how the hiatus was necessary for her to recover both mentally and physically. Haruka mentions that she wanted a fresh start in life so she decided to graduate in order to continue down her path in life.

Upon graduating, she will be joining Avex Asnaro Company, a subcompany of avex as an actress. Her graduation date is set for June 9th. Kodama Haruka will not have a graduation ceremony.

Kodama Haruka has been on hiatus since December 2017, so it has been a fair amount of time since we last heard of her. Fans were hopeful that we would hear news about her comeback soon. Well, we did get news of her making a comeback, but unfortunately not in the way we were hoping for.

One interesting thing to note, is that there are mentions in Nikkan Sports about how SKE48 member Marika Tani convinced her not to quit show business completely. So if you need someone to thank then Tani will be your go to.

It is a sad occasion, but Haruka seems to be pretty excited about the opportunity to become an actress and I’m sure fans are pretty excited to see her start her activities soon enough. Best of luck Kodama Haruka!

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