AKB48 are launching another group in Thailand called CGM48


AKB48 will be launching a new group in Thailand called CGM48.

The announcement was made on June 2nd by BNK48, AKB48’s sister group in Thailand. The group’s name comes from Chiang Mai, the largest city in northern Thailand. CGM48 will be the sister group to the Thailand idol group BNK48.

We don’t cover idol groups outside of Japan that often, but this is pretty exciting news for those who are fans of the group so we wanted to make the exception. It also helps that it’s a slow news week.

The group CGM48 was just announced so there are no member details but auditions are underway. For those interested in applying, applications are open from June 15 – July 15. There are more details linked in the Facebook account that has been set up for CGM48.

Having sister groups all over Asia seems to be the goal from AKB48, and expanding further into Thailand will be a great way of leaving a mark in the idol business.

Will we get a US group soon? At this rate, it seems like it could happen someday. Stay tuned for more from CGM48!

Video credit: 4884 Fan0ta

CGM48 Facebook Page | Natalie.mu


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