Chuning Candy spend some time together in the MV for “19 – nineteen -“

chuning candy 19 nineteen

Chuning Candy spend some time together in the MV for their 4th single titled 19 – nineteen -.

Out June 26th, the single will be released in 2 editions: Limited (CD+Blu-ray) and Regular (CD Only).

As life happens, you might start to see yourself spending time with friends less and less. No one knows that more than Chuning Candy, who show off a theme of growing apart for their 19 – nineteen – MV.

It’s a casual MV with the members going along their everyday jobs without each other. It’s a bittersweet theme since it might strike a tone with many who watch it, but the fact that all the members meet up and dance together makes for a sweet ending that will make many fans smile.

But, what about the song? 19 – nineteen – has a distinct K-pop feel to it, with the vocals having a generous sprinkling of English within them. The beat is steady and calmer, with a tone that matches the feel of the MV. It’s a wonderful song that shows a combination of idol music with K-pop in a distinct and fun way.

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19 – nineteen –
Chuning Candy

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