Yamagishi Riko “RIKO” PB Covers Released

Yamagishi Riko PB Regular Cover

Tsubaki Factory member Yamagishi Riko has revealed the covers for her 1st photo book titled RIKO.

Out April 27th, the PB will be released through Wani Books.

Yamagishi Riko’s 1st PB was announced late March at Hello! Project’s Hinamatsuri Festival.

Fans will notice the return of the white bikini, an outfit famous for its appearance in several other member’s PBs such as Fukumura Mizuki and Uemura Akari. As pointed out by Twitter user Nori:

For those who are a bit less forward, there is an Amazon exclusive cover that shows Riko wearing a seifuku and looking at the camera. It’s not as eye catching as the regular cover but it should do for those who wish to own a more innocent side of her PB.

Make sure to check out the regular and Amazon.jp exclusive covers below!

Yamagishi Riko PB Regular Cover


Yamagishi Riko PB Amazon Cover
Amazon.jp – Exclusive

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