BABYMETAL To Star in Short Animated Series


BABYMETAL will star in a Warner Bros produced short animated series.

The series will feature a hybrid of live action and animation, and will (not surprisingly) take place inside of a magical world of heavy metal music.

The plot of the series will circle around the land of heavy metal being under attack where one god called Kitsune will form a band of idol warriors to battle. Who could these heroes be? SU-METAL, YUIMETAL, and MOAMETAL who will come together and enter the world through a secret portal.

Right off the bat, yes BABYMETAL have made an amazing breakthrough that not many artists have made. Their catchy metal and pop sound is well known, and having an animated series is a big plus for fans of the idolcore scene since it means live action performances and more fun songs to enjoy from them.

The series will be short form, which is good in a way since it helps get the plot through without adding unnecessary arcs, but of course any and all releases from this talented trio are definitely a sign of bigger things to come (BABYMETAL the 3D movie perhaps?).

For now, make sure to stay tuned for more info since it seems like development is kicking off and we should be getting some previews in the coming months!

Warner Bros