Shuukan Idol – Easta Edition

Ling Ling Guinea Pig

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get to take a peek into Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s world where all we see is pastel-colored chaos. We also get to enjoy the latest MVs from Flower and Babyraids JAPAN as well as some amazing new releases coming our way from BRATS and C-ute.

That and more in our top 6 highlights of the week!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu traumatizes me again with her Easta MV

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is weird, that’s why we love her. Thankfully she’s back with another interesting release where we get a peek at what Kyary’s Easter is going to look like. Needless to say, it’s chaos in the most amazing way. Full MV is in the link above!

Flower go all out for their MOON JELLYFISH single

Flower is an idol group that is well known for their catchy music, talented choreography, and their deep, deep budgets for MVs. Thankfully, they are back to create an amazing visual treat for fans to enjoy as we listen to their latest single.

BRATS are finally, finally releasing a CD

Remember BRATS? Kuromiya Rei’s band has been around for a while, but they hadn’t released any CDs, instead simply performing for fans and releasing powerful videos. Thankfully that’s soon going to change with a CD debut! It’s great news for those who have been looking for a way to support this unique trio.

C-ute reveal their massive final album ℃OMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION

Are you a C-ute fan who doesn’t have any C-ute CDs? Well there’s an easy way to solve that problem: get their last album. Containing a grand total of 6 CDs, it’s the perfect gift for someone who is looking to complete their collection. Full details are available above!

Babyraids JAPAN get heavy and crack idolPhone screens in the MV for Baki Baki

What is something that every idol group needs? No, not more seifukus. More guitar! Thankfully Babyraids JAPAN are getting into their heavier side by releasing a song packed full of energetic vocals and heavy guitars. Check it out above!

DEADLIFT LOLITA are pumping iron in Chicago this summer

Not many idol groups are heading to the US at the moment, but thankfully fans are about to enjoy the visit of one of Japan’s most muscular idol group: DEADLIFT LOLITA. They’re visiting Chicago this summer to perform for fans. Make sure to check out full details above!

Notable mentions:


Most people would imagine an idol group called Devil ANTHEM. would have some pretty diabolical music. Thankfully, the only thing diabolical about this group is their use of dank EDM beats to make some catchy music.

Sure, the vocals might be a tad too calm for some, but the instrumental is incredibly catchy. So crack open a champagne bottle, hold up a glass, and occasionally pretend you’re drinking as you party along with Devil ANTHEM. to the beat of the song below!


Want to support them? Fever is part of their 1st album with the same name, check it out below:


That’s it for this week, we’ll see you in the next one!