BRATS Announce CD Debut

BRATS Ainikoiyo

BRATS have announced a double-single CD debut for their tracks titled Ainikoiyo / Nounai Shoukyo Game.

Out June 21st, the single will be released in 2 editions.

The CD debut was announced at an invitation-only performance at Live Inn Rosa.

BRATS is made up of Kuromiya Rei (The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY) on vocals as well as her sister Kuromiya Aya (Bass), and Hinako (Guitar). The group debuted in 2011, and have since then released a variety of songs including 14-sai Byou, Ainikoiyo, and Nounai Shoukyo Game.

While we might not be getting their debut single, we are at least getting a chance to enjoy some of their most recent releases which is a treat. For those who get the Limited edition, they’ll be getting even more with live performances of several other songs on the DVD.

Unfortunately, pre-orders for the single are not out just yet but we will update when they are live. Regardless, it’s the perfect announcement for fans of this trio who have been waiting for some kind of release since their debut.

Now Printing
Regular Edition


  1. Ainikoiyo
  2. Nounai Shoukyo Game
  3. Ainikoiyo (Instrumental)
  4. Nounai Shoukyo Game (Instrumental)

Now Printing
Limited Edition


  1. Ainikoiyo
  2. Nounai Shoukyo Game


  1. Ainikoiyo (Music Video)
  2. Nounai Shoukyo Game (Music Video)
  3. Ainikoiyo (Live Video)
  4. Nakattakoto (Live Video)
  5. Nounai Shoukyo Game (Live Video)
  6. Pain (Live Video)
  7. Seitouka Pride Monster (Live Video)
  8. Kimarigoto (Live Video)

Note: Live performances from their March 29th Reborn concert