BRATS “Ainikoiyo” MV Released

BRATS Ainikoiyo

Kuromiya Rei’s band BRATS has released the MV for their upcoming song titled Ainikoiyo.

Ainikoiyo will be the theme song for the anime To Be Hero.

BRATS have been quite busy making new songs, alongside this new track they also have a song titled Nounai Shoukyo Game which will be featured in an upcoming film titled Slaveman. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be a standalone single, but nonetheless it seems like a great sign for fans that they are busy with new material.

As for Ainikoiyo, it has a strong rock vibe in comparison to their previous release 14-sai Byou, so fans of the more faster paced rock sound will be pleased.

BRATS also now has an official Facebook page so if you’d like to follow their future activities make sure to go and like them (link at the end of this post).

Kuromiya Rei will have a busy year ahead with both BRATS and The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY, but it’s exciting to see that fans are in store for more music. Check out the MV below!

BRATS Official Facebook | BRATS OHP