Perfume To Release Perfume

Perfume Cosmic Explorer Album

Perfume will release their own perfume called PERFUME OF PERFUME.

Out March 21st, the perfume will be sold online through A!SMART for 3,000 Yen.

The perfume will coincide with the release of their debut single OMAGINAI☆Perori which was released 15 years ago on March 21st, 2002.

What does Perfume’s perfume smell like? It will apparently have the smell of sweet ylang-ylang (a tropical tree) with fresh grapefruit which will then be followed by lavender and rose, before finally turning into a spicy clove scent.

This unique combination apparently comes from the aroma oil that members put on before their concerts. The group wanted members to get a feeling for what kind of scent they use at live concerts.

If you’d like to get the slightly repetitively titled perfume, make sure to pre-order through A!SMART before January 31st. If you’re in the group’s fan club you are in luck since you’ll be able to get a perfume case as a bonus. | A!SMART