Kobushi Factory’s Fujii Rio and Ogawa Rena Greeting Blu-ray Announced

Kobushi Factoru Fujii Ogawa Greeting

Kobushi Factory members Fujii Rio and Ogawa Rena will be releasing a joint Greeting Blu-ray titled Greeting ~Fujii Rio Ogawa Rena~.

Available for preorder from now until January 23rd, the Blu-ray is expected to ship in February.

It’s quite the interesting preview we get where we get to spend time in a fairly awkward after-school meeting with the pair before they start talking. After laughing they spend the entire day posing awkwardly at cameras in their school and while decorating pancakes, typical everyday idol stuff.

This is why I love Hello! Project solo releases. They tend to be on the calm side compared to other groups, but they manage to portray each idol’s image in a tasteful way related to their age.

Make sure to check out the digest below and grab a copy from e-LineUP! if you’re interested!