Wa-suta “Yumei ni, Nyaritai” MV Released

Wa-suta World Standard Yumei Nyaritai

Wa-suta (The World Standard) have released the MV for their 2nd single titled Yumei ni, Nyaritai.

Out February 22nd, the single will be released in only one type with a CD and a Blu-ray.

Wa-suta are fairly colorful and renowned for their adorable cat ears, but it seems like we are finally getting a chance to see more about desire to be famous worldwide with their latest MV.

We get to enjoy as Nyangang Mozart, Cathoveen, and Michaelnyangelo witness this cute cat-focused idol group sing about their desire to be famous. The colorful background and effects are eye-catching and feature a variety of historic landmarks like the aforementioned nyan-ified historical figures.

While the Ska/EDM beat might be catchy and random at times, the lyrics are the main point of this release with a variety of fairly adorable lines included. They might be a tad on the sweet side for some but they are definitely something else.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this release is certainly among their most colorful and cute so make sure to take a look!

Wa-suta World Standard Yumei Nyaritai



  1. Yumei ni, Nyaritai
  2. Guchoki Pants no Masayoshi-san
  3. Yumei ni, Nyaritai (Instrumental)
  4. Guchoki Pants no Masayoshi-san (Instrumental)


  1. Yumei ni, Nyaritai Music Video
  2. Guchoki Pants no Masayoshi-san Live Video @ Shibuya Tsutaya O-West Final 2016.12.11

Wa-suta OHP

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