Morning Musume’s Sato Masaki Temporarily Unable To Perform Due to Back Pain

Morning Musume Sato Masaki

Morning Musume’s Sato Masaki will be unable to attend several Hello! Project activities this end of the year due to severe back pain.

Sato Masaki will be unable to attend the Hello! Project countdown concert as well as the Hello! Project Winter 2017 concerts taking place on January 2nd – 4th at Nakano Sun Plaza.

According to a blog post from her, Sato had an MRI done in November of last year as a result of pain she had felt since June and it was determined that she had lumbar disc herniation. Despite cautionary measures by staff and her doctor, she again felt pain in December and will now be missing events in order to rest.

She will be re-examined in order to ensure that she is able to resume activities by January 7th.

Thankfully, it seems like all precautions are being taken care of to ensure that Sato Masaki is not in pain but it’s still to early to say if she will be able to take part in any activities after the 7th.

We wish the best for Sato Masaki and hope we can see her soon on stage once more!

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