Perfume “FLASH” Short Preview Released

Perfume Chihayafuru

A short MV featuring Perfume’s FLASH has been released.

The song will be an album mix of the upcoming album titled COSMIC EXPLORER which will be out on April 6.

The MV does not feature scenes of Perfume in them, instead going for scenes of the movie Chihayafuru which will use it as the theme song when it’s released.

Despite that we get to hear a good chunk of the song and for the most part, it’s yet again an amazing release from the group.

There is a notable return to the more traditional Perfume sound with a cool EDM sound, so fans will definitely be in for a treat.

The movie seems interesting so if you’re a fan of the song it’s recommended that you check out the movie as well since it has a nice story to it from the scenes we get to see.

Check out the MV after the break!

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