Tsuyogari Sensation “#Kirameite” MV Released

Tsuyogari Sensation Kirameite Cover Kibou

Tsuyogari Sensation has released the MV for their upcoming single titled #Kirameite.

Releasing March 1st, this single will be released in 3 versions: Limited which will include “orange versions” of the songs, as well as a Hikari and Kibou version which will have the coupling songs for Kimi ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu and DIVE.

It’s refreshing when idol groups try out something new, and thankfully it seems like they did just that, skipping the dance shots from traditional videos and instead going for shots of the members practicing and going through their day.

We get to see them do dance lessons, perform, and go in between lives. They showcase all the hard work that an idol has to go through to prepare for their fans.

The song itself is a ballad, and blends in perfectly with the video to show off the hope that the group has as they grow in the idol scene.

Well worth a look for any idol fan, and strongly encouraged that you check out their other songs since they seem like a solid group!

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