Shuukan Idol – Paruru Graduation, BiSH go full power, and More

Shimazaki Haruka

In this week’s edition of Shuukan Idol, the highlight of the week is the confirmation that AKB48’s Shimazaki Haruka will be graduating from the group. That, and a wave of MVs from groups such as Juice=Juice, Niji no Conquistador, BiSH, and more are part of this week’s top 6 highlights!


AKB48’s Shimazaki Haruka confirms graduation

It was something that many fans expected when she was chosen as center for AKB48’s latest single, and while it might be sad it seems like a logical step for her ambitions. Best of luck Haruka!

> Juice=Juice double down with MVs for KEEP ON Joshou Shikou!! and Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~

Juice=Juice have been on a roll lately, with a variety of solid singles that show off the maturity the group has achieved. Now we get two MVs from their upcoming release that are by far some of the most unique releases they have done. Make sure to check them both out! form a band in the MV for Sai ΨSaikouchou are among my favorite idol groups and with good reason. Their energy and mix of visuals makes for one of the most unique idol releases, and they are back with a single that promises to show off more of their talent. It’s colorful, it’s catchy, and it’s packed with fully reenacted scenes of the group’s history!

BiSH take over Tokyo’s streets in the exciting MV for Honto Honki

BiSH are a close tie for my favorite group (Momusu are the best). They’re the bridge between my love of punk and idol music, and they do so with a unique touch that is hard to ignore. Their latest MV is by far my favorite, and it is sure to wake you up and fill you with energy.

Niji no Conquistador cosplay in the Paradoxical・Complex MV

Niji no Conquistador are weird, and that’s one of their strongest traits since they show off fun themes that overshadow other typical idol groups. In their latest MV they show off a fun cosplay theme mixed with a senpai-kohai touch that is adorable. Easily one of their best!

ANGERME get funky in the Umaku Ienai MV

What do you get when you combine a group of idols and intricate planning that takes up most of the MV? A fire hose. Yes, I’m as confused as you are but that’s the plot we get in this confusing but fun MV that showcases one of ANGERME’s solid tracks from their upcoming single.


This week we get to showcase CLEAR’S, an idol group under avex that already has 4 singles under their belt. While they are fairly experienced already, they tend to be a bit on the Meh side of the idol spectrum.

Sure, it has all the traits of a solid idol release, including the upbeat song, dance shot with only one setting, and the solo shots where we get two members singing in the camera. But, something about the MV lacks energy.

Are they a bit awkward at times? Yes, but honestly it’s easy to overlook that and enjoy the fun, upbeat sound alongside the fact that seifuku are still a defining aspect of any idol release.

Here’s Kidoairaku BEAT from their latest single Kirari NiPPON:

While a bit on the “average” side, I encourage those who enjoyed the preview to check them out and help support them!


That’s it for this week, we’ll see you in the next one!