GANG PARADE Announces New Lineup, SiS Members Join


GANG PARADE have announced some heavy lineup changes for their group.

First, Inukai Maaya has withdrawn from the group after a hiatus from the group she has been in since this past September. The reason given is her dad collapsing due to health issues and her finding it hard to continue as part of the group as a result.

Shortly after came the announcement that Kyan Maika would join in to replace her. She debuted alongside the other members on October 2nd and performed to the delight of fans.

This was shortly followed by the announcement that SiS would be placed on hiatus due to some issues with the manager of the group. BiSH and BiS manager Juunosuke Watanabe announced that as a result, SiS members Terashima Yuka, Yui Ga Dokuson, and Coco Partin Coco would now form part of the GANG PARADE.

Saying that GANG PARADE have undergone many changes would be an understatement. From their announcement that they would be changing unit names from Period of Plastic 2 Mercy, to a massive shift in members that rivals the revolving lineup changes of ’48 groups, it’s surprising to see that the remaining members have remained committed to perform for fans.

Despite that, it seems like the waters have calmed for now with a solid lineup showcasing a variety of members that is sure to bring a nice mix of talent.

Being a big fan of Coco Partin Coco since the BiS auditions I’m just glad to see that she will have a group with who to perform and grow as a non-idol.

SiS will perform for the first time as part of GANG PARADE this November 13th, so those who are able to attend are encouraged to do so. Also, if you’d like to follow them on Twitter that is encouraged as well: