Mano Erina 9th PB Announced

Mano Erina Wanibooks Gravure
Image from Wanibooks Gravure Collection

Mano Erina has announced the release of her currently untitled 9th PB.

Out November 15th, the PB will be released to commemorate her 10th anniversary since her debut as a Hello! Project Egg.

The PB was shot in Los Angeles.

It has been some time since I last heard of Mano, with her mostly focusing on dramas and other more non-music related activities that make it a tad harder to follow exactly what she does.

Despite that, it seems like she is back once more to impress us mere mortals with her stunning physique. Sure, we might not have much information about this PB, but I am glad to see that we will at least get a PB for fans to enjoy a more grown up side of Mano.

Previews should be coming soon in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

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