POP Are Now GANG PARADE, Announce New Single

GANG PARADE POP Period of Plastic 2 Mercy

Period of Plastic 2 Mercy (POP) have announced that their group will be changing their name to GANG PARADE.

They will be releasing a new single as well under GANG PARADE titled WE ARE the IDOL.

Releasing July 19th, the single will feature an unchanged lineup.

While I’m surprised to see that the group has decided to change their name, I am somewhat glad since GANG PARADE has a catchier tone to it in comparison to Period of Plastic 2 Mercy.

Despite that, I am glad to see that a new single is on the way for this talented group, and so far it seems like a solid release for fans (minus the adventure misspelling). Of course, the title is interesting with it pulling some inspiration from BiS and their campaign against idols.

We’ll get to enjoy this single soon so make sure to check out the cover below!

Gang Parade We Are The Idol Cover


  1. WE ARE the IDOL
  2. Kore wa Kitto aventure
  3. WE ARE the IDOL (Instrumental)
  4. Kore wa Kitto aventure (Instrumental)