“SaiΨSaikouchou!” MV Released Sai Saikouchou have released the MV for their single titled SaiΨSaikouchou!

Out November 2nd, the single will be released in Cassette, Vinyl, Regular, Limited A, and B.

Note: Ψ can be read as Sai

Based on real life experiences, the MV is packed full of events that they went through as they grew into the idol group they are today. Of course, it’s so there are numerous happy and fun scenes showing off everything from them playing as part of a band to them performing around the world.

The song itself is fairly solid, with a fun funky sound at the start which eventually turns into a song with the classic vocals we love. It is a tad on the slower side for them, but it still packs a strong amount of energy for fans to enjoy.

That being said, Dempa fans are in for a treat since we seem to have a nice amount of releases by the end of the year. In fact, there is a best of album titled WWDBEST – Denpa Ryoko! listed on CDJapan which will have some of their greatest hits, but unfortunately details are scarce at the moment.

Despite that, this single is solid and well worth a look for those who are looking for an upbeat song to brighten up their day so make sure to check it out!

Dempagumi Saikouchou Regular



  1. SaiΨSaikouchou
  2. Ψ Desu I LIKE YOU
  3. Machiboke Ginga Station
  4. Suki Suki Song
  5. SaiΨSaikouchou (Instrumental)
  6. Ψ Desu I LIKE YOU (Instrumental)
  7. Machiboke Ginga Station (Instrumental)
  8. Suki Suki Song (Instrumental)

Dempagumi Saikouchou Limited A
Limited A



  1. SaiΨSaikouchou
  2. Ψ Desu I LIKE YOU
  3. Machiboke Ginga Station
  4. SaiΨSaikouchou (Instrumental)
  5. Ψ Desu I LIKE YOU (Instrumental)
  6. Machiboke Ginga Station (Instrumental)


  • SaiΨSaikouchou MV and Making Of

Dempagumi Saikouchou Limited B
Limited B



Same as Limited A

DVD [Hayabusaka ga Yaki Tour 2016] 2016.9.8 @ SHIBUYA TSUTAYA O-EAST

  1. Yabu! to the Future
  3. kiss+kiss de owaranai
  4. Nottobocchi … natsu
  5. Otsukaresama!
  6. Suki suki Song
  7. Yume sasu ashita e
  8. Kibounouta
  9. Future Diver
  10. Chururichururira
  11. Den denpassion
  12. Denparedo JAPAN (with Wienners) OHP