lyrical school Wear Pajamas and Have A Party In The MV For “Pajama Party”

lyrical school

lyrical school wear pajamas and have a party in the MV for Pajama Party.

Out December 25th, the track is part of a double a-side single with Sharp Pencil feat SUSHIBOYS.

After the beautiful randomness of an MV that was Sharp Pencil feat. SUSHIBOYS, it seems like lyrical school are back for more their latest single and this time they’re bringing pajamas.

Starting us off, we get to see lyrical school as they sing to the camera during a party. It’s a simple setting but one that fits in perfectly with the theme of the song (pajama parties typically involve parties). There are additional scenes of them as they rap in other locations but the party scenes are definitely the best since we get to see them wearing some incredibly shiny pajamas.

As is expected of lyrical school, the beat is chill and flows nicely. In fact, the entire song has a beat that is so chill that it might you picture yourself in a pajama party of your own. Add in some vocals with some fun rapping and you have a good idea of what to expect.

Grab your pajama and get ready to enjoy a fun party with lyrical school!

Pajama Party
lyrical school

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