Shuukan Idol – Drawn Departure Edition (December 10 – 16)

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a handful of MV releases from lyrical school, sora tob sakana, and Erabareshi. Unfortunately there are a couple of graduation announcements as well from Up Up Girls (2) and HKT48. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> lyrical school Wear Pajamas and Have A Party In The MV For Pajama Party

I really knocked it out of the park with that headline. You know what else knocked it out of the park? The latest lyrical school MV that is packed to the brim with partying and chill beats. It’s a magnificent release that fans of this rapping idol group are sure to enjoy.

> sora tob sakana Sing Along To A Drawn Story In The MV For Alphard

Sometimes all you need is an MV that is packed with cute drawings and set to the beat of a ballad. Well, that’s exactly what we get in the latest MV from sora tob sakana. It’s not going to win any awards for MV of the year but it’s a fun release to enjoy in time for the holidays.

> Sashihara Rino Announces Her Graduation From HKT48

The time has come. The legend, Sashihara Rino, has announced that she will be leaving HKT48 next year. Full details are available above, but it seems like the idol industry is definitely evolving with her departure. Best of luck Rino!

> Country Girls Announce 1st Mini-Album

Country Girls are soon going to lose one member, so finding a way to immortalize the current lineup is a priority. Thankfully we have a mini-album in the works and it seems like it’s going to be the best release for Country Girls fans. More details including a cover and track list are available in the post above!

> Erabareshi Go To School With A Drawing In The MV For Gyakkyou Nonfiction

Nothing says idols like a Japanese school, and guess what? The latest Erabareshi MV is packed to the brim with scenes of idols doing idol stuff at an empty school. It’s a delightful release, and one that’s made even better with the addition of some drawings that give it just the right touch of uniqueness.

> Morning Musume 18’s Nonaka Miki To Study Abroad For 2 Months

Nonaka Miki is one of the few Momusu members who can speak fluent English, so naturally this has come in handy when the group goes overseas. Well, it seems like Miki wants to further improve her English skills by taking a short break to study it. More details are available above, but this move is definitely a fun one for Miki!

> Nakaoki Rin Will Graduate From Up Up Girls (2)

Nakaoki Rin was a surprise addition to Up Up Girls (2), and unfortunately it seems that she joined quickly and left quickly. How quickly? Well, her graduation is on the 31st, so we only have a couple more weeks with her. Full details are above, we’ll miss you Rin!


This week we have XTEEN with their MV for ROMANTICIST. Out now, the single was released as a CD and a digital release.

I’m a big fan of punk idols, but sadly the scene has been missing a big part of the punk music scene: horror punk. This genre of music is rather interesting since it’s harder to nail down the sound. Thankfully a group I barely found out about called XTEEN are tackling it in a magnificent way with their latest MV.

Taking place in a school, we get to see the members wear seifukus and dark outfits, which is pretty basic. In fact, most of the MV has a rather simple look, with no fancy effects or shots. Nothing too surprising here since they are not that well known, but the true joy for this MV is the song, it’s amazing.

Those who are familiar with horror punk will feel a similar vibe when they listen to the song. The instrumental is top notch with the vocals adding an interesting twist to the genre. It works in a rather interesting way, which is a treat for those who enjoy the music.

XTEEN are a welcome addition to the alternate idol scene, so if you’re into the darker side of idol music make sure to check out the MV below!


Grab your dark outfit and check out the link below to grab a copy of that single:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!