Miyazaki Yuka To Graduate From Juice=Juice and Hello! Project

miyazaki yuka juice=juice hello project

Leader Miyazaki Yuka has announced that she will be graduating from Juice=Juice and Hello! Project.

According to her graduation comments, she started to think about her life on a larger scale. After realizing that she was shining solely because of Juice=Juice, she decided to find something else that would allow her to shine as a single person. With the new members having settled, she wishes to challenge herself at this time.

Miyazaki Yuka plans to work in the entertainment business after her graduation.

Her exact graduation date was not specified, but she will graduate in Spring.

While I might not have been that close to Juice=Juice, it was hard to ignore the fact that Yuka was dedicated to the group. Juice=Juice managed to grow as a powerful group within Hello! Project with her at the front, and since then they have released several amazing singles and songs. She has definitely left her mark in Hello! Project, so the fact that she wants to shine on her own is respectable.

The graduation announcement is detailed more in the video below, where the cheery intro kind of breaks with the mood of the announcement. We will miss you Miyazaki Yuka, best of luck!


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