Keyakizaka46’s Hirate Yurina On Hiatus

keyakizaka46 hirate yurina

Keyakizaka46 center Hirate Yurina has announced that she will be on hiatus while she recovers from sacroiliac joint instability.

The notice mentions that Hirate Yurina will be unable to dance as a result of this condition and as such has decided to recover. She will return to the group once she is in “perfect” condition. While she is unable to dance, she will take part of some activities that don’t cause pain for her.

To those who are unaware of what sacroiliac joint instability is (including me, but I have Google to help), it’s a condition that occurs when the pelvis is unstable and causes pain in the lower back and groin. There are several factors that could cause this, but the one that Yurina is most likely affected by is too much movement.

Hirate Yurina is arguably among the most recognizable members of Keyakizaka46, so the news of her hiatus is a hard one for many. However, her decision to focus on her health is understandable so fans are sure to support her throughout. Also, the mention of her taking part in other activities is a good sign that despite being unable to dance she will be supporting the group as best she cans.

For now, we wish Hirate Yurina a speedy recovery and hope that she is able to dance like before soon!