PassCode Visit The Beach In The Lyric MV For “It’s you”

passcode taking you out

PassCode visit the beach in the lyric MV for It’s you.

Out now, the track is part of their PassCode 2016-2018 Live Unlimited album.

Christmas came early with the release of the new PassCode song It’s you. Time to celebrate and enjoy this release with the most Christmas of visuals: a beach.

Since this is a lyric MV, the visuals are not that important. However, there is a slight story that happens throughout the release. As we get to see the calm beach, a lone chair stands in front of us. Soon, a girl sits on it. Then she lays next to it. Then she stands up. It’s not too exciting but it’s still something to add some variety.

On to the big part of this release: the song. For the most part it’s a typical PassCode release, with that trademark rock edge they’re known for. There is a slight punk feel to the guitars that play during the intro of the song and throughout the song. One thing to note is that it’s a rather calm release compared to previous songs, but it is going to make any fan excited regardless because it’s PassCode.

The song is part of the 3 CD live release from PassCode, so if you’re into this song or PassCode in general, make sure to grab a copy of it below!

It’s you

passcode 2016-2018 live unlimited cover