predia Get Colorful In The MV For “Close to you”

predia curtain call

predia get colorful in the MV for Close to you.

Out now, the track is part of their best-of album titled Best of predia ‘THE ONE’.

predia are one of those idol groups that I don’t actively listen to. Well, that’s about to change with the latest MV release that shows off what could be one of the best predia songs in existence (in my opinion).

Kicking us off with the visuals, we get a rather simple release at first. The members wear colorful outfits and dance in front of colorful banners. But, that soon changes as we get to see the members dance and celebrate together in a wide variety of scenes including a pajama party where they celebrate with confetti.

So the visuals are amazing, but like I mentioned before the song is the highlight and it is simply amazing. It’s mainly due to the catchy, playful beat we get to enjoy throughout the MV. The vocals are fun and match the tone of the song, making for a delightful release that you can enjoy over and over again.

Check out the colorful and fun MV for this song below and grab a copy of their best-of album while you’re down there, because why not?

Close to you

predia the best-of predia the one cover type a
Type A


predia the best-of predia the one cover type b
Type B