Melon Batake a go go Visit A Cemetery In The MV For “SICK IDOLS”

melon batake a go go

Melon Batake a go go visit a cemetery in the MV for SICK IDOLS.

Out January 23rd, 2019, the track is part of their upcoming album titled Ikasuze 1.2.3!!

We are already deep into Christmas, but if the movie Nightmare Before Christmas taught me anything it’s that horror always has a home during this time. Well, Melon Batake a go go appear to be feeling festive because they are bringing horror rock back one last time with their MV for SICK IDOLS.

As the title of the MV states, this is not your run of the mill idol release. In fact, the MV is packed full of super heroine idols, high quality scenes of a girl in a cemetery, and several close ups of the members looking cool. It’s a pretty interesting release with that sweet b-grade horror movie feel that is going to feel right at home with the song.

Oh yeah, the song! It’s a release that you won’t hear anywhere else in the idol world. There is a horror rockabilly feel to it, making it a delightful release to enjoy if you’re feeling like something a bit out of the norm. The instrumental has an unmistakable feel to a Batman movie but somehow it works well.

It’s a quirky idol MV but one that fans of horror styled songs are going to deeply enjoy. Put on your mask and check it out below!

Melonbatake a go go

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