FES☆TIVE Add 2 New Members

Festive 2017

FES☆TIVE have announced the addition of 2 new members: Shiraishi Piano and Mano Saria.

Announced at Aoba Hinari’s birthday concert at Shinjuku BLAZE, the 2 members came as a result of the recent graduations of Yokoi Honami and Shiina Akari.

Festive Shiraishi Piano
Shiraishi Piano

Shiraishi Piano was born on August 20, 1996, she’s from the Philippines and her member color is pink.

Festive Mano Saria
Mano Saria

Mano Saria was born on June 7, 2000, she’s from Saitama and her member color is white.

A video showcasing the new lineup of the group is located below, so make sure to check it out to catch some scenes of them performing.

Sadly no scenes of them actually singing are shown, but it seems like their next single will be one to keep an eye out since they both seem like worthy additions to the group.

Welcome to the group Shiraishi and Mano!

FESTIVE | Shiraishi Piano’s Twitter | Mano Saria’s Twitter